Why I’d like to attend #140conf

So Jeff Pulver is putting together a conference called #140conf in celebration of all things Twitter.  As a recent college grad (try today, actually), I’m not exactly able to sign up and just go.  But Jeff has generosity decided to run a program giving scholarships to 30 people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend.  The entry process?  Write a 140 word e-mail on why I want to attend.

So here it is:

Hello Jeff-
I’d like to attend #140conf because I think that one day Twitter is going to revolutionize the way that companies interact with their customers (if it hasn’t already), and as a recent college graduate – commencement was yesterday in fact – I think that what I could learn at #140conf will be invaluable in my career.  I’m also extremely interested in the political applications of Twitter; it seems like every week I find some new way that a government across the world is using Twitter to open itself to its constituents.  I’d really appreciate having the opportunity to attend #140conf in order to explore this (and more).
Also, to be perfectly honest, the idea of spending two whole days talking about Twitter kind of appeals to my inner geek.
Thank you,
Jed Cohen

For kicks, I decided to write a Twitter version that’s 140 characters long:

Because I graduated from college today and think that one day Twitter is going to revolutionize the way I’ll work.
Jed Cohen

And finally, my tweet linking to this post (for bonus points apparently).