Untemplater Manifesto

I read the Untemplater Manifesto a few days ago.  At it’s most basic, it contains the stories of six people with entirely different backgrounds who have managed to be happy doing something completely outside of the norm for who they are.  If we move to the more complex, I imagine it can be a combination of an inspirational ebook, a call to action, or an affirmation of your plans (those may all be the same thing depending upon who you are).

I want to embrace what they’re writing here.  I’ll be the first to admit that where I am now, six months after graduating college, was not where I planned to be.  I’m sure that correcting the path I’m on is going to be frustrating and tiring and hard work.  I hope that it will also be fun and engaging and educational and uplifting (this is why I’m looking for a new project by the way).  I want Untemplater to be one of the steps forward on the path I’m hoping to follow.

To give you the sense of the manifesto, I went ahead and put the text through Wordle, generating the following:

I really think this does a great job of summing up what the manifesto focuses on – spending your time making your lifestyle all about what you want.  The other items, like school, friends, work, and travel, all become secondary.  I imagine it must be incredibly freeing.  It must also be scary.  The people behind these stories have all taken some kind of leap into the unknown.  They’re out there innovating in their respective fields, and apparently doing it successfully.  Their combined experiences will probably provide Untemplater with plenty of content.  And as they’re all continuing on their own journeys, we’ll be able to follow along as they both find success and make mistakes.

But I can’t help but wonder – isn’t this all a bit oxymoronic?  This is a website that says it’s going to make you think about how you can control your own life.  Isn’t there a possibility that they’re providing one template to substitute for another?  I really don’t know.

Big questions aside, I held off on publishing this because I wanted to see what they would post in these first few days.  So far they’ve provided some good financial advice, looked at the good and the bad of the mobile lifestyle, and called themselves (and probably me and you as well) crazy.  It’s an interesting mix of articles, and I look forward to reading what they produce in the future.  Hopefully it’ll make my own life a little less routine in the process.

(I should note that while I starting writing this shortly after the manifesto was published, I am using this as my submission to one of Untemplater’s giveaways.  Because, you know, why not?)
  • Hey Jed, thanks for the post review. I really like the Wordle touch! Hahaha, WANT is so BIG.

    Are we replacing one template with another?

    I think it really depends on how you define “template.” I see a “template” as a predetermined state of being that does not allow fluctuations or tangents away from the determined path.

    Entrepreneurship is “templated” as well. Most people generalize that entrepreneurs must work 24/7, eat cup of noodles, and raise funding.

    “Template” as we define it at Untemplater is the norm that everyone was told to follow: study hard, get good grades, get a corporate job, move up the ladder, retire. To “Untemplate” means to break free from this path.

    Good luck buddy and reach out to me anytime to chat.

  • Thank you for the comment Jun!

    I see what you mean about changing the definition of template; it's not the same when we move beyond the concept as it refers to the 9-5 job, 2.5 kids, etc and consider how we've “templated” lifestyles that we don't view as the norm. I think these templates arise as a way of generalizing and classifying the unknown/different; there isn't much of a leap from there to template it seems.

    Can't wait to see what you and the rest of the team at Untemplater come up with to help shake things up a bit.

  • Great post Jed, thanks for checking out our manifesto and looking forward to having your participation in our new little community!

  • Thank you Cody! I look forward to it as well.

  • Great post Jed, thanks for checking out our manifesto and looking forward to having your participation in our new little community!

  • Thank you Cody! I look forward to it as well.