One Year Later….

I started blogging one year ago last Monday.  I am sadly a few days late in marking the occasion, but since I actually thought it was today, I hope you’ll forgive me.

A few personal facts about the past year:

  • I graduated from college and now work full time.  I suppose this makes me a “grown up,” but I’m still not to sure what this means.
  • I completed two separate virtual internships in my spare time – one for CAREEREALISM and another for Squidoo.  As a result, I was interviewed for a WSJ article (my PR class came in handy!).
  • I went to the 2009 New Yorker Summit and the first 140 Characters Conference in NYC and had a blast at both.

A few facts about this blog:

  • I’ve published 51 posts and have 21 drafts (most of the drafts will probably never see the light of day, but they’re there).
  • Google Analytics tells me the following:

And a few goals for the next year of blogging:

  • Post more uniformly.  As you can see above, I averaged almost one post a week for the entire year.  I think that’s pretty good, but I know that there are some months where I posted a ton and some where I did not.  So I’m going to try to spread out my posting more.
  • Write some posts from this list of seed ideas I posted a while back.  I’ve got some in draft form, but I’d like to finish a good number of them and get them posted.  Right as soon as I remember what they all mean.
  • Incorporate more things I find across the web.  I have both a Posterous and a Tumblr, which are two super simple posting sites.  I’d like to start using one of them more.  I was pushing my Posterous posts to this blog (all three of them), but I didn’t quite like the implementation.  So I need to work on that too.
  • I might also update the design and branding for this.  I’m pretty happy with the current design, but I may start looking for something new.  And I’m not sure I want to stick with “Jed Cohen’s blog” anymore.

So I guess I should get to work.  See you around as this thing heads into its second year!