Not Acceptable

It’s easy to say that something is “not acceptable.” Particularly when we describe the past. Events that can’t be changed, whose results are clear and evident – and ones we disagree with. But the truth is that those results which we so quickly deride must be acceptable because they’re the past. And, unless you’ve got a time machine that I don’t know about, immutable.

Some might say that letting this blog lie for the past year is unacceptable. Consistent posting is thet key to a succesful blog, they might say. You’ll only get views and comments if you provide new content regularly, they advise. And that’s true. But that’s not what I’m here for.

You see, this isn’t about building a community or selling a product or espousing a particular platform. It’s about me. It’s about having a place for me to put down my thoughts. And yes, I make it public for others to review and for search engines to index. Because just like in the real world, I don’t act in a vacuum and an outside perspective can be beneficial. But really this place is what I choose to make of it. And for the last year my energy simply hasn’t been focused on the Internet (I’ve barely tweeted and basically stopped using Facebook).

This is not an apology for not posting. Those are silly because if you’re actually sorry then you probably would have posted something before you felt the need to apologize. What this is is an acknowledgment that this thing (not even sure it’s really a blog anymore) still exists. That I do still think about it. And while I can’t promise that my next post won’t happen for another year, I can at least say that I’m here. At least a little bit. And that’s just going to have to be acceptable, okay?

  • “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” -JK Rowling (yes, really)

  • Fitting, I think, given the inevitable comparisons to Hogwarts that arise when I explain the Island to people whose only exposure to prep schools has been from fiction.
    Of course, the fact that Loomis Chaffee even has a nickname like “the Island” may not help in that regard.